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The Chairman

Lion Niranjan Dhirasaria

Email - taniyadniranjan@rediffmail.com

Sometime we wish if we were a Doctor, we could save life of people in need.

Some times, we wish if we could have some super power we could save life of people.

But never do we realise that God has gifted us power to save life of individuals.

YES that is by donating our Blood to the needy individual. Blood donation is a major concern to the society as donated blood is lifesaving for individuals who need it. There is a shortage of active Blood Donors to meet the need of increased Blood.

80 million units of Blood are donated each year and that is not suffice to ever increasing global demand for safe and secure Blood and its components.


Safe supply of Blood and its components, creating awareness for blood donations, smoothly organising Blood Donation camps to ensure steady supply of Blood to the needy are the motive of our Blood Bank.

Currently we are organising more than 300 Bl;ood Donation Camps and more than 35000 units of Blood and its components are provided to the needy individuals with service commitments of 24 X 7.

We are thankful to all Donors, my co members in Club and our dedicated team at Blood Bank for giving this imminence service to the society.