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Donate Blood

Donate Blood

Blood is a body fluid in humans that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients, harmones and oxygen to the different cells and tissues and transport metabolic waste, carbon dioxide etc. away from those tissues.

In India in every two seconds of every day, someone needs blood and since Blood cannot be manufactured outside the human body and has a limited shelf life, the supply must constantly be replenished by generous blood donors.

Blood Donors should be voluntary, non- remunerated, low risk, safe & healthy and to fulfill these mandatory criteria's, certain guidelines are followed for selection of Donors:-

  • Donor should be in the age group of 18 to 65 years.
  • Donor shall not be less than 45 kg.
  • Haemoglobin should not be less than 12.5gm%.
  • Blood pressure should be within normal limits.
  • Donor should be free from Acute Respiratory diseases.
  • Donor should be free from any skin diseases at the site of phlebotomy.
  • Donor should be free from diseases which are transmissible by blood transfusion.

Donor's arms and forearms should be free from skin punctures or scars which are indicative of professional blood donors or addiction or self injected narcotics.

Donor's travel history, medical history, medications, previous blood donation history etc. are meticulously looked in to by Blood Bank Medical Officer in Regards to fitness of Donor before Blood Donations.

Donate Blood