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President Lion Sanjay Mitruka

Email - sanjaymitrukasppl@gmail.com

Dear Friends I am fortunate to be given the Mantle as the President of Lions Club of Siliguri Terai for the year L.Y. 2020-21. As a Leader, it is giving me a world of opportunities to serve the society and enhance the services offered by our club.

Over the years our club has built up an array of service activities and currently it includes about 10 permanent projects. The Siliguri Terai Lions blood bank is a signature projects of our Club and this project serves close to 30 to 40 thousand people every year through its 24 hour operational service. In the last 4 months entire world has been struck with the Corona pandemic and our blood bank has worked as a Corona Warrior organization. Members of our blood bank technical team, staff and Lion members who have been visiting the blood bank have displayed that we - be it any normal situation or be it any adverse circumstances, we are always ready to serve. Our institution successfully meets the challenges that keep coming from time to time.


All our other service projects have also been doing well and I am sure that each and every leader of our club will take the club and its services activities to greater heights.

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