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Thalassemia Daycare Center

Thalassemia Daycare Center

At the Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Centre, we provide blood transfusion services twice a week as a day care procedure.

We are also shortly coming up a laboratory to conduct all necessary tests required for diagnosis of Thalassemia patients.

Thalassemic children have the same aspirations as any other child. All they want to do is play with their friends go to school and dream to be something big when they grow up. But what hinders their innocent goals is the fact that they are surrounded by needles when other children are surrounded by books and toys. Nature may have denied them what is rightfully their, but it is the lack of resources required for frequent blood transfusions and a dearth of quality blood that add to their misery. Even if doting parents manage to arrange blood for these children, their economic status may force them to discontinue treatment. Thus, many children from poor families die, and we do not even comprehend their loss.

Thalassemia Daycare